The counterfeit problem

When looking for counterfeit sneakers purposefully, consumers compare how similar the fake to the original design. LV台灣包包官網專櫃『全台貨到付款』gucci折扣,chanel,hermes,dior價錢! People often mistakenly think that fake shoes look exactly the same to the genuine thing. False shoes may not be as comfortable, even when they look and feel like the real deal.
Brands are damaged when they suffer from counterfeiting that can lead to lower sales and decrease in brand recognition. To curb the counterfeit problem certain brands are trying to educate consumers on how to detect fakes and report them to the brand (see more: Counterfeits Education for consumers).

Other brands choose not to increase awareness among consumers about the issue.
Choose Wiser
Wiser Market, an online trademark protection and anti-counterfeit agent is based in the US.
We aim to end the internet sale of fakes as well as protect a variety of brands across the globe, including brands from the shoe, fashion and sports sectors. LVPLUS台灣官網-衣服專櫃『全台貨到付款』gucci折扣,dior,burberry價錢!