Are Emeralds Diamonds?

While diamonds and emeralds can be equally rare and beautiful both, they’re distinct stones with distinct chemical compositions, hardness, and colors. wholesale crystals las vegas Even though emeralds belong to beryl minerals with a hardness of 7.5 while diamonds are carbon forms with 10-hardness.
crystals for decorating The diamond and the emerald can differ in their color to a certain amount, however typically, they are both green. In contrast, diamonds are transparent and colorless. It is commonly believed that diamonds are rare of gems. However, the emeralds actually are rarer than diamonds 20-fold and that is often reflected in the price they command.
Are Emeralds Rare?
Emeralds can be very scarce. In reality, they’re the rarest of the popular gemstones like sapphire, diamond and ruby. These rarer emeralds are likely to be darker in hue and feature strong forest green hue. Funny fact: The largest known gemstone in history is the Bahia Emerald, which was discovered in Brazil. This stone is quite unique.