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About Dive Bar
  A lot of people who walk into the Dive Bar for the first time immediately comment, "this isn't a dive bar!"

Well, yes and no......

The dictionary defines "dive" as a slang term, best described as a "disreputable or run-down bar or nightclub". So, in that sense, no, we're not a dive bar.
But anybody who has stumbled upon a local dive bar and had a great time, knows that dive bars are sometimes the most fun, neighborhood bars -- not pretentious, not stuffy, no attitude. So, in that sense, yes, we are a dive bar.

This was our objective when Dive Bar opened on October 9, 2004 -- to create a fun, friendly neighborhood bar with great bartenders, excellent drinks, all types of music, and a comfortable, relaxed (and relaxing) atmosphere.

We do consider Dive Bar to be very "tongue-in-cheeK" as far as dive bars go, and even added a neon diver sign like the motels of the '50's had, to continue our play on the word "dive".

We hope you find Dive Bar to be everything we planned and that every time you and your friends and colleagues come in, you know we're not just a dive bar, but the Dive Bar.

We hope to see you at Dive Bar soon!